The law firm

Koch / Christensen Law Firm was founded in 1990 by Danish attorneys Torben Koch and Jens Christensen. The main areas of practice were and are commercial law, criminal law, and police regulatory matters.


The law firm is holder of knowhow created and maintained cross-industry, cross-border, and cross-public/private sector. From the outset the  philosophy of the founders has been to create a dynamic law firm where each attorney contributes a diversified personal and specialist approach. We believe this philosophy bring forward the best solutions.


The client-attorney co-operation is a frank dialogue between attorney and client during the term of our intervention in order to ensure that our common point of departure is rooted in the world of the client and that our input constantly takes into consideration the client requirements. Our ambition is to provide advice and never just to provide processing.


Today we form a boutique law firm centrally located on Sanct Annae Square in historic Copenhagen City comprising 8 attorneys with considerable experience as legal advisors. Our ambition is to grow and add competences to our core competences without compromising on our initial ambition

Working for us

At Koch / Christensen you will become part of an ambitious, result-focused, and informal organization.


Diversified assignments, interdisciplinary training and continued update of our technological back up maintain the professional and personal development of our lawyers. We strive to keep our working environment attractive.


We are prepared to consider job applications at any time. Application for a legally trained position are to me sent to Torben Koch. Other application are to be send to Flemming Kristiansen.